Five Pilot Hazardous Attitudes

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The last topics in the “Introduction to Pilot Judgment” we will cover are five attitudes that can be hazardous to a safe flight. These attitudes include:
1. Antiauthority: “Don’t tell me!”
2. Impulsivity: “Do something—quickly.”
3. Invulnerability: “It won’t happen to me.”
4. Macho: “I can do it.”
5. Resignation: “What’s the use?”

Each of these attitudes can get in the way of a pilot making a good decision. Overinflated ego, lack of confidence in their abilities, and the need to prove themselves are just a few personality traits that pilots can exhibit that can cloud their judgment. This poor judgment mindset is not because these pilots intend to make bad decisions, but because they are influenced by behavioral traits that negatively influence their ability to make a good decision. We all have these traits to one degree or another, but how much we let them influence us is a big factor in whether we can see through them to make a good decision. While you are monitoring the plane, weather, and other aspects of your flight, also monitor yourself. If you find that any of these traits are getting in the way of a good decision, it’s time to take a step back and rethink the situation.

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